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Mabel Snow Thompson | March 31, 2022

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Greenville Motherhood Photographer

Mabel Snow made her debut in a not so timely fashion but still right on time for her due date. Born on March 31, 2022 at 9:40pm. Coming in hot at 10lbs and 22 inches long. I knew I was having a big baby, but I never would have guessed TEN POUNDS 😳

Greenville Motherhood Photographer

My labor started around 6am on Wednesday March 30 with my first "real" contraction. Earlier that morning I was convinced my water had broke, but it turns out I had just peed myself. Fun. I went to my OB around 10am to be checked because my contractions were coming in around 6 minutes apart, but they were not that painful. My doctor sent us home letting me know I probably would have a baby by the weekend.

My husband and I tried to go about our day as normal. Around 4 that afternoon I was convinced it was happening. My contractions were steady 4 minutes apart, but still not very painful. Just enough to be annoying, preventing me from getting any type of rest. We headed to the hospital to get checked again. I had gone from a 2.5 to a 3 from that mornings check at the OB. They sent us home around 7pm telling me to get some rest that it could still be a few days. "I'm sorry, what?" were my thoughts.

Greenville Motherhood Photographer

We got home and tried to enjoy a movie while I ate 3 donuts for dinner (that was a mistake). We didn't even make it through the movie before heading back to the hospital. At this point my contractions were 2 minutes apart, but again, still not very painful and only lasting about 30 seconds. I was nervous that I would have the baby in the car, so we headed in. We arrived just before midnight. I was still a 3. The doctors monitored me for a couple hours before letting me know they wanted to admit me. Mabel's heart rate was staying strong but was not spiking and they were concerned for her movement.

At this point my birth plan was all natural with no interventions, but I wanted to be sure Mabel was ok! I let my OB break my water at 4:15am. At this point, I had only progressed to a 4. Mabel was taking her sweet time. After my water was broken I finally felt what a "real" contraction was like. Those suckers are no joke. At this point I had been awake for nearly 24 hours, so I popped on my labor playlist to try and motivate. I bounced on the ball, Jesse rubbed my back and did some counter pressure. I danced… we danced. By 6am Jesse was falling asleep and I was losing motivation. I wanted to sleep too! It had been 24 hours! I called for the nurse and gave in to getting an epidural.

Greenville Motherhood Photographer

Of course I had to wait for shift change! The anesthesiology team came in around 7am to get me prepped for the epidural… I was terrified. They were coaching me through how I needed to sit when in walks Dr. Mabry to administer the epidural. Just him having the same name as me calmed me down. At this point I had only progressed to a 5, half way there! By 7:15am the drip was in and I was starting to receive some pain meds (this was a trip). I will spare you the details of all the things I said while super relaxed on this medicine! I'll just say that I was vulgar and apparently quite funny.

Greenville Motherhood Photographer

After about an hour the anesthesiologist had to come lower my dose because the medicine was working too much. After this final adjustment I was able to get some much needed sleep. My mom was able to join us in the delivery room just after 8am and she thought she was going to meet her grand baby soon. I was in and out of sleep over the next several hours. I talked to my sister around 11am but still had many hours ahead of me. The few things I do remember from this time is asking my husband to just stand near me and look at me (I never expected to be so needy).

Greenville Motherhood Photographer

Finally by around 4pm I was fully dilated and pushing could begin. YAY!! Mabel was going to be here soon, I thought. After nearly 2 hours of pushing Mabel was going nowhere. The doctor came in to explain to me the benefits of Pitocin and how it would make my contractions stronger to help Mabel along. At this point my birth plan was completely out the window and I was on hour 35 of labor and was ready to meet my baby girl. I napped for another hour or so while the medicine kicked in. 7:15pm, Shift change… again. A nurse came in to get some supplies. "are you my new nurse" I said. She said no, but I can get them if you need them. "yes, get them now because I NEED to push. 90 minutes of pushing later, 9pm my OB came in to check on me and it was go time. Finally! Mabel's song came on (Africa by Toto). I was determined to have her make her debut earth side to the song she kicked around to in my belly! Mabel arrived just in time, 39 hours of labor later, at 9:40pm. The following song on the playlist was mine and Jesse’s wedding song. How perfect!! I cried, she cried, he cried. Welcome to the world Mabel Snow!

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