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Tips for having a large wedding Party

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October 2022

Having a huge wedding party can be so much fun! I had 5 bridesmaids and thought that was large. You see I was lucky enough to grow up with lots of sisters and close cousins that I wanted to include in my wedding party, but I also wanted a friend too. It's your day so invite whoever you want to be a part of it! That is what Jessica and Christian did when they chose to have TEN groomsmen and ELEVEN bridesmaids! Whooo, that was a third of my guest list!

So, how can you make your day flow effectively with a wedding party that large? Here are a few tips!

Tip #1 - Have a Bridal Session

Having a huge wedding party will press for time on day of so be sure to schedule a Bridal Session before the big day! Not only does this have tons of other benefits, but it will give you time to have individual portraits of you in your dress! One step checked off your list before the big day!

Other benefits of a bridal session are:

  • Hair and Makeup Practice

  • Does your dress fit comfortably?

  • Have you chosen the right shoes? Jewelry?

  • Maybe you decide you want a veil.

  • And so many more

Tip #2 - Make sure your collection includes a second photographer!

I cannot stress this point enough. Having a second photographer is a must with a large wedding party. This will prevent your wedding photographer from running back and forth between the bridal party and the groom party before the ceremony to get getting ready photos and any pre ceremony shots. Having a second photographer means having a photographer just for you and your girls and just for him and his boys.

This also means having two photographers when taking portraits after the ceremony. Your main photographer can be getting portraits of you with your ladies while your second is snagging shots of your groom with his gents. This will cut your portrait time by at least a 3rd and will get you to your guest ( and the party) quicker!

Tip #3 - Have a first look

I suggest this to all my couples regardless

of wedding party size! But as it applies to having a large wedding party, having a first look is another after ceremony time saver. Once you have your first look all wedding party portraits can then be taken before the ceremony. With these portraits out of the way, all that is left is family portraits. This will give your more time to celebrate with your guest.

Tip #4 - Consider the size of your getting ready space

Having a small getting ready space with a large wedding party can make it difficult! When booking your venue be sure to consider the size of the bridal suit and make sure they have a grooms room as well!

Tip #5 -Have a cocktail hour

Portraits after the ceremony take roughly an hour! With a large wedding party they could take even longer, especially if you have not done a first look. Be sure to have a cocktail hour with entertainment for your guest so they are not just standing around waiting for you! Having a photobooth is something fun for your guest to do while they wait for you!

None of these tips are necessary for your wedding day to be perfect!

Fun fact, the only tip from this list the Aguilars followed was having a bridal session! I still got the shot! Was it more work for me? Yes! Did we all still have a blast celebrating this couple on their big day? Also, Yes!

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