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Studio Maternity Session: Why have one?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Recently I have been in the studio more and more. I am currently niching in styled maternity sessions with access to my full client closet!

Maternity sessions are the perfect way to document this amazing time in your life. The female body is insane and can do some powerful stuff. I want to empower these amazing mamas to feel their best while they grow a life.

More and more Mamas are choosing the studio and I am excited about it!

Greenville maternity Photographer

I am looking for Mamas that are 24-30 weeks pregnant to participate in this exchange! Please contact me today if you are interested!

So what are the benefits to having your maternity session in a studio setting?

More and more women are choosing the studio, here are a few reasons why!


Stress Free Location

Greenville Maternity Photographer

Knowing that your session is

in the comfort of my home studio removes all stress from choosing a location for your photographs! This also eliminates a crowded out door location, making the setting more intimate and comfortable. No worries on if people are watching you, allowing you to fully commit to posing and having your picture taken without feeling silly or embarrassed by people watchers.

Just you, me, maybe dad, and my camera! Siblings are welcome in these sessions as well!

Nothing is more fun than a Mommy and Me and Baby makes 3!

Greenville Maternity Photographer

You get to play dress up!


How fun is it to play dress up and look pretty. My current client closet is 5 gowns strong plus the one you add to the collection! You will have access to every one for you session.

You also have the opportunity to be glammed by Kate and what stress reliever that is to not have to worry about you clothes OR your hair ad makeup!

Greenville Maternity Photographer

You don't have to worry about weather!


Honestly this is a big one for me! When you are in the studio who cares if its 2 degrees and raining! The sun isn't out? No problem, I have a full lighting setup!


I can't wait to work with you during this amazing time in your life! Let me take this tiny bit of stress off your plate and let you worry about growing a life!

Are you interested in the Maternity Exchange?

  • Yes, sign me up!

  • I have more questions!

Gown number 5 pictures below. Not in used in studio yet!

Greenville Maternity Photographer


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