Cody & Michelle | Black Mountain, NC | Wedding

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Cody and Michelle met by complete chance at a wedding that neither one of them were supposed to be able to attend. One of Cody’s friends were getting married in April 2016 and Cody was living in New Zealand at the time, but happened to hurt his knee while he was abroad and needed surgery on it. He had to fly back to the US immediately and while he was recovering he was able to attend his friend's wedding after all. Michelle did not know the couple getting married, but her best friend called her the day before asked her to join. So Michelle went to a strangers wedding on a whim. From the second she saw Cody, She knew it was love at first sight. Y'all I cannot make this stuff up. You can feel their love just by being in the same room as them!

Anyway, back to their story. They hit it off SO well and talked the entire wedding. It was like no one else existed. It was incredible. At the end of the night they did not exchange numbers or anything because it was just a coincidence we were both in town and we were both living in very different places. Michelle was finishing up college at a tiny college no one had ever heard of so she didn’t even bother mentioning it - and Cody was trying to figure out how to get a job and save up money to move back to New Zealand. Finally, as everyone was splitting ways to leave the wedding Michelle lost sight of Cody and thought he had already left. She started heading to back car and suddenly felt arms around her and spun around to see who it was. Of course it was Cody and he leaned down to kiss her and told her “I’m sure I will see you again.” Um.... how do you apply for movie rights?

Six months later Michelle was finishing up her last year at Montreat College and she saw that gorgeous man from the wedding walking across her tiny, middle of nowhere college campus. By complete coincidence he had applied for a job at Montreat College, gotten it, and moved to Asheville, NC. As it turns out, Montreat was a place he used to camp at with his family and friends growing up, so it was a special place to him. Cody’s best friend was the dean of student affairs of Montreat College… there were so many connections - it was crazy! Michelle really thought she would never see him again!

This is why Montreat is a special place to them, and of course they HAD to get married there! They officially started dating in 2017 and have been together ever since. The wedding was November 9, 2019 and it was every bit as romantic as how they met. Their wedding theme was enchanted romance, but of course it was, these two are the epitome of romantic. The deep plums they chose for their wedding pallet were the perfect pop against the insanely gorgeous fall colors Montreat College has to offer. After the sweetest ceremony in the College Chapel, ,these two headed into the reception hall where they had their first dance to 'Lover' by Taylor Swift. I cannot stress enough how beautiful these two are together and I am so excited for them and their life together!

Second Photographer: Chantelle Robertson

Venue: Montreat College

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